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Hi…my name is Lane Roman Hoffbeck.  Thanks for spending some time on my blog and exploring some of the ideas that I am interested in.  I would love to hear from you, don’t hesitate to reach out, I will read your email.

But before that, here is a quick bit about me so you have an idea of who you are writing to if you don’t already know me:

I grew up in Minnesota, met my wife in Ecuador (she’s from Missouri), and we moved to California.  I was born with a LOVE for the Sea and am happiest with a surfboard at the beach.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and my Savior.

I travel, run, surf, hike among catching a movie in between.  I try to find the VALUE of the simple things in life, because I don’t know if they are really all that simple to begin with, just under-VALUED.

I’m not too worried about money, believe that WORK is essential (but I define it as CREATING), and find beauty in the UN-routine.

I graduated from business school, but believe my learning and studying has just begun to take off in this field as well as others.  I’m passionate about helping people make their dreams become a reality (whether it is a business, or just adventure).

I’m fascinated with VALUE.  Why do we VALUE the things that we do?  Could our VALUE system be off kilter?

From life to business to economics, I’m interested in finding ways to CREATE something of TRUE VALUE through means of SUSTAINABILITY.  (*an economics or business discussion will almost always intrigue me)

So…what does my perfect day look like?  What would I do if I could do anything?  I think this changes…and I’m fine with that, but as for right now it would involve SURFING followed by CONSULTING individuals and businesses/organizations in my community.  Consulting on VALUE creation in relation to ETHICAL strategic business practices.  Overall, I would encourage those to go after more than they think they can and be ready to be SURPRISED!

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